Bespoke travel logo design Tailormade

Taj Mahal from Yamuna river

Made to measure

Tailormade is a subbrand of the Adventure Specialists Explore Worldwide. Providing inspiring journeys and custom ‘made to fit’ authentic adventures, based around a whenever, wherever, whatever travel experience.

Whitehot were given a creative brief to totally re-brand the Tailormade product. We began by redesigning the logo using a refined font that centred around a perfectly sliced ‘M’ proportioned using the golden ratio that reflected the individual essence of this brand. The sliced ‘M’ also served as a visual break between the 2 words within the logo.

RM in Tailormade logo using golden-ratio

Tailormade brochures stacked

Reinventing the brand

We reinvented the rest of the Tailormade brand by updating the fonts and colour palette whilst also selecting aspirational imagery giving the brand a more modern, exclusive feel, whilst retaining some of the rugged authentic elements used by the master Explore brand.

Once the branding was established we were asked to deliver a brochure that had a coffee table presence with a format that set it apart from the family of core Explore travel brochures. This was accomplished with a square format 120 page brochure.

We also produced supporting direct mail pieces, posters and advertising.


Tailormade brochure Costa Rica frog intro