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Branding… It’s at the heart of everything we do

We take a collaborative approach with each of our clients to discover what makes their brand unique and then explore the best way to communicate this. Using rigorous insight and strategic thinking we examine each clients’ market, competition, objectives and ambitions to define a distinctive and memorable visual language.

We believe branding doesn’t have to be complicated, and that it’s really important our clients have a clear understanding of what a brand is, and what (as a creative design agency) we can and can’t do for it.

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How do you make a brand fantastic?

1. Be fantastic at what you do.

We don’t pretend to make you better at what you do, we’re sure you’re already fantastic at it anyway. Although we will draw your attention to what makes you different.

2. Look fantastic at what you do.

As a design led creative agency this is where we make our mark. We develop your visual identity based on our research using thoughtful intelligent graphic design that examines your logo, typography, colour pallet and imagery… Delivering a distinctive and engaging visual language designed to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

3. Sound fantastic at what you do.

Sometimes overlooked, but just as important to your brand’s success is how it sounds. By this we mean key messaging and tone of voice. Should it be casual and conversational, serious and formal or somewhere in between? To complete the journey it’s essential your brand is verbally and visually consistent with the brand personality identified at the research stage.

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alternative barbering co branding website design project tile

Alternative Barbering Co. branding & website design

the nobel school logo design branding website design project tile

The Nobel School logo design, branding & website design

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Explore Worldwide branding, brochures & graphic design

ms society awards logo design branding project tile

MS Society Awards logo design & branding

red sea hotels branding brochure graphic design project tile

Red Sea Hotels branding, brochure & graphic design

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Tailormade logo design, branding & travel brochure

explore branding refresh brochures marketing graphic design project tile

Explore branding refresh, brochures, marketing & graphic design

red sea holidays logo design branding brochures marketing project tile

Red Sea Holidays logo design, branding, brochures & marketing

edge adventure logo design branding brochure project tile

Edge Adventure logo design, branding & brochure

charles faye logo design branding project tile

Charles Faye logo design & branding

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Collette Worldwide branding, brochures & graphic design

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Tours for Churches branding & website design

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